Dating a librarian

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No idea what the rules would be for corporate librarians; I suspect it would vary job by job. Reader, I married him. On the other hand, I do know a lot of life-time librarians Ask her out if it goes well. It did make for a nice way to turn someone down, and librarians are often strangely obsessed with being "nice" see also the original definition of "nice".

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Whether you originally meet in person or online, you will ultimately get your heart stomped on Bit late to the party, but one of the three public libraries I worked in explicitly forbade dating patrons in the rules. I smile at patrons and suggest books all the time, you have not described her doing anything extraordinary. Use the common objects — books — at your disposable. Chat, bring up the book she recommended, and so on. Search for: Ok, so what if you started dating someone and then they decided to go to that library?

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She'd recognise my face, but does not know anything about me apart from what I am reading, sometimes.

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3 Ridiculous Misconceptions About Dating a Librarian

He always kept it light and often goofy, asking for the Dr. I can't work part-time at 2 libraries, because it will trigger the state to take money from both employers since I will technically be working "full-time. On her blogthe Annoyed Librarian also posted about minorities in librarianship, prompting a commenter to give a blunt and cautionary assessment of the dating scene in libraries: We sometimes catch eyes and smile, although I find myself looking her way quite a lot, so that might not mean anything. Is she a librarian? I'm just lucky I've been working part-time in libraries for almost 4 years now.

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dating a librarian
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dating a librarian
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5 Reasons To Build Your Interest In Dating A Librarian

Personally, I've seen my colleagues be creeped out by people asking them out while they're at work far more than I have seen them jump for joy. I'm sure librarians get hit on often, and libraries are notorious for having a few "strange" people who spend a lot of time there. They actually know how the things have to be managed and they analyse the things before moving or spending on to the other, frame out a specific place for everything and pile them up properly. Librarians are great Scrabble opponents. Have you ever dated a librarian?

dating a librarian
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