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It just sounds like common sense. Big breast free fuck movie. The channel this was from was for adults. Then sends your child text messages with tasks. Phoenix sex toy parties. I have ran a small test.

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So no matter what parental controls you put on your apps because it was on inappropriately aged show your child would see it. I do indeed educate parents about monitoring the content that their kids are exposed to but we also need to have appropriate content on platforms that are made for children, such as YouTube Kids. I get that this creepy dude does adult comedy, and uses an adult platform is owed the presumption of innocence. I actually agree with him. Le gay blog drake bell. If you even have your kids watch content on YouTube at all. I sleep better at night knowing you are out there.

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Yet somehow it ended up on youtube kids!

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#YouTubeWakeUp, #ProtectOurKids

Like rape, murder and suicide. YouTube really needs to get human moderators for YouTube Kids content, instead of relying on algorithms that are inaccurate and miss stuff like this. Finally, I would just like to say that this is beyond ridiculous and I hope that you have an open mind and really think about the clip in question with context. We were successful in getting this cartoon pulled from YouTube just like the last one. Not condoning the video editor putting that clip in a kids videos, but just explaining a bit of the context.

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How did you come across this one? Natasha Yara Shahidi gets lost in the blaring music. Always have. I have ran a small test. On March 31, the. I doubt that this is his work though, his channel and content is specifically for mature audiences on regular YouTube.

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